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First YouTube Video

First YouTube video, April 23, 2005

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Sales of Analog and Digital Cameras 1933-2014

  92% of smartphone users worldwide say that the camera is the most used feature on their phones. Source: PetaPixel

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The Greatest Storytellers (Infographic) by Raconteur.

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A Midnight Modern Conversation by Hogarth

William Hogarth A Midnight Modern Conversation One of Hogarth’s most popular and pirated early engravings. Its publication did much to spread Hogarth’s fame to the continent. The scene is said to be the interior of the St. John’s Coffee House, Temple … Continue reading

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Taxonomies of Knowledge, 1751 and 1780

‘Genealogical distribution of the arts and sciences’ by Chrétien Frederic Guillaume Roth from Encyclopédie (1780) A remarkable tree featured as a foldout frontispiece in a later 1780 edition of the French Encyclopédie by Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert, … Continue reading

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The office of the future is coming in dribs and drabs

New kinds of electronic gadgetry for communicating between offices are buzzing on to the market every day. In theory, the so-called office of the future could enable any present-day paper-shuffler to work at home while communicating with his fellow workers … Continue reading

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Steven Levy in 1984 on the Invention of the Electronic Spreadsheet

As Dan Bricklin remembers it, the idea first came to him in the spring of 1978 while he was sitting in a classroom at the Harvard Business School. It was the kind of idea—so obvious, so right— that made him … Continue reading

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