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Data Visualization, 350BC – 1879

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The Tech Boom of the 1880s

Vaclav Smil in IEEE Spectrum: According to the worshippers of the e-world, the late 20th century brought us an unprecedented number of profound inventions. But that is a categorical misunderstanding, as most recent advances have been variations on the microprocessor … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Evolution

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First Book Dust Jacket

From Biblio Blog: “Prior to the 1820s, most books were issued as unbound sheets or with disposable board covers. Customers would buy the text-blocks and commission bindings themselves–often to match the other titles in their library. For this reason, dust … Continue reading

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History of Credit Cards (Video)

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First YouTube Video

First YouTube video, April 23, 2005

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Sales of Analog and Digital Cameras 1933-2014

  92% of smartphone users worldwide say that the camera is the most used feature on their phones. Source: PetaPixel

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