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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Founded

Today in 1947, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) was founded as the Eastern Association for Computing Machinery at a meeting at Columbia University in New York. From ACM’s website: Its creation was the logical outgrowth of increasing interest in … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Watches

  Source: XKCD

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ERMA: A milestone in bank automation

Today in 1959, Bank of America received the first ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting) system. From Wikipedia: In 1950, Bank of America was the largest bank in California, and led the world in the use of checks. This presented a serious problem … Continue reading

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They Saw it as Destiny

Louis H. Sullivan, the father of the modern skyscraper, said this about Chicago in 1875, as it emerged from the Great Fire of 1871 and the Economic Panic of 1873: As everybody said: “Chicago has risen phoenix-like from its ashes.” … Continue reading

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The computer software bug makes its first appearance

Today in 1947,  operators of the Mark II traced the cause of the computer’s malfunction to a moth caught in a relay and wrote in their logbook “First actual case of bug being found.” See also Debugging the Origin of the … Continue reading

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Youth Solves a Typewriter Problem

Today in 1906, the New York Times reports that “Youth says he solved a typewriter problem” by inventing the automatic carriage return. “Springs cause the carriage to slide back to starting point when end of a line Is reached,” said … Continue reading

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Farnsworth Succeeds in Transmitting Images Electronically

Today in 1927, 21-year-old Philo T. Farnsworth succeeded in transmitting through purely electronic means an image of a line with a device he called an “image dissector.” From the IEEE Global History Network:  “Farnsworth’s Image Dissector worked pretty well, but it was … Continue reading

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