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London Sounds, 1928

From the incredible London Sound Survey: THERE ARE NO BBC radio recordings surviving from before 1931, so the job of representing the 1920s falls to this curiosity from the Columbia Graphophone Company. It’s a 12” 78rpm disc made in 1928 … Continue reading

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“Silicon Valley” First Appeared in Print on January 10, 1971

“It was only by a quirk of fate, however, coupled by lack of management foresight, that Boston failed to become the major semiconductor center San Francisco is today.” Don Hoefler, “Silicon Valley, USA,” Electronic News, January 11, 1971 Source: Computer … Continue reading

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Claude Shannon and the Invention of Digital

The Man Who Turned Paper Into Pixels from Delve on Vimeo.  

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The Internet is Coming to NPR

  Source: “If We’d Only Known About The Impending Spam“ HT: “Dawn of the Web: an oral history“  

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The Uses of the Telegraph

  Source: Derby Railway Station

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The Internet of Things is coming – Philip K. Dick, 1969

Originally posted on flycz:
Philip K. Dick, Ubik (1969): Back in the kitchen he fished in his various pockets for a dime, and, with it, started up the coffeepot. Sniffing the — to him — very unusual smell, he again consulted his…

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The Internet of Things is coming — Woody Allen, 1968

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Woody Allen, “Mechanical Objects”, San Francisco, August 1968: About three years ago I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was home one night. I called a meeting with my posessions. I got everything I owned into the…

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