The High Cost of Multitasking (Infographic)

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History of Eastern Philosophy (Infographic)

History of Eastern Philosophy

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Selfie, 1920


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Banned Books

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Web and Internet Firsts

Famous Internet Firsts: Then & Now

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Moore’s Law at Work

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Flying Machines, 1882


From Mashable:

In 1882 French illustrator Albert Robida (1848–1926) completed a wildly futuristic engraving (Leaving the Opera in the Year 2000): his vision of fashionable Parisian opera attendees, in the year 2000.

In tandem, Robida wrote a science fiction trilogy in the late nineteenth century, which drew comparison to author Jules Verne’s renown works, such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  In Robida’s novels he predicted many phenomena of the forthcoming modern world: mass tourism, pollution, guided missiles, chemical weapons and the emancipation of women.

Most striking was the Téléphonoscope, a flat screen television display delivering 24-hour news, programs, education and face-to-face communication.


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