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Passion and Information Explosion

“Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available” –Gregory Benford [also known as Benford’s Law of Controversy]

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Daniel Bell on Information Explosion

Daniel Bell, who passed away Tuesday (obituaries here and here), first became widely known for his book The End of Ideology. An “ardent appraiser” of our lives in information, he also wrote (in 1980) about the “End of the Alexandrian … Continue reading

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Media Consumption in 2030: 2,570 exabytes

Chris Preist and Paul Shabajee, University of Bristol: “Assuming that the average westerner’s media consumption moves fully online but does not rise substantially beyond current levels, and the global middle class reach western levels of consumption, the researchers estimate the … Continue reading

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Francine Berman Calls for a Research Data Census

In the December issue of Communications of the ACM, Francine Berman calls for a “Research Data Census, ” a reliable, cost-effective storage and preservation of research data on national scale.  Berman says: “Just as the U.S. Census drives planning for … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things: From Soda to Data Fountain

“[Coca-Cola’s new soda fountain] Freestyle keep table on its supplies via an RFID inventory system….it also comes with Wi-Fi, which it uses ti send Coca-Cola headquarters in Atalanta both inventory and marketing data.” IEEE Spectrum, September 2010

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