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Peter Drucker on Managing Moron Computers and the Information Utility (1967)

The IBM 360 Model 75 computer at the Rutherford Laboratory, 1967 Peter F. Drucker, “The Manager and the Moron,” McKinsey Quarterly, December 1967 One of the most potentially earthshaking forces in our economy is the technology of information. I don’t … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin on Daylight Saving Time

Letter to the Editor of the Journal of Paris, 1784 To THE AUTHORS of The Journal of Paris 1784 MESSIEURS, You often entertain us with accounts of new discoveries. Permit me to communicate to the public, through your paper, one … Continue reading

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2 Early Networking Experiments

In 1966-1967, two early networking experiments were influenced by J.C.R. Licklider’s interest in resource sharing and included experiments with the interactive use of remote programs. Read article »

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The Bulletin Board System

IEEE Spectrum: For millions of people around the globe, the Internet is a simple fact of life. We take for granted the invisible network that enables us to communicate, navigate, investigate, flirt, shop, and play. Early on, this network-of-networks connected … Continue reading

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H.G. Wells on the Future

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Tesla on the World Brain

In 1904, Tesla, determined to see his idea come to fruition, wrote with absolute certainty that “when wireless is fully applied, the earth will be converted into a huge brain, capable of response in every one of its parts.” Source: … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Cars Just Around the Corner: 1958, 1969 and 2016

IEEE Spectrum: (also here and here) In the late 1950s, the Radio Corporation of America thought it had a lock on the self-driving car. The January 1958 issue of Electronic Age, RCA’s quarterly magazine, featured its vision of the “highway … Continue reading

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