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The First Laptop

Today in 1983, the Osborne Computer Corporation declared bankruptcy. The Osborne I, the first portable computer, was designed by company founder Adam Osborne.

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Apple: Welcome, IBM. Seriously.

Thirty years ago today, Apple Computer ran a full-page ad in the The Wall Street Journal, twelve days after IBM entered the personal computer market with the launch of the IBM PC.

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From Desktop Computing to the Web in Our Hands

Thirty-five years ago today, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne signed a partnership agreement that established the company that will become Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977. (Wayne left the company eleven days later, relinquishing his ten percent share … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing is Bad for Your Creativity and Freedom

“A mobile phone-cum-computer might be very useful, but we still need our PCs to run our programs, and these PCs will preserve all the possibilities of social creativity. Things could evolve differently, though, due to the possible diffusion of Web … Continue reading

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This Day in Information: Machine of the Year

Today in 1983, Time magazine put on its cover the PC, calling it “machine of the year.” Roger Rosenblatt wrote:

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TDII Extra: Digital Tipping Points for Notebooks/Desktops/Smartphones

Today in 2008, market research firm iSuppli estimated that shipments of notebook computers have exceeded shipments of desktop computers in the third quarter of 2008 for the first time in history. Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst for computer platforms at iSuppli, … Continue reading

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The InfoStory Quant: 181% Annual Growth

181% is what Gartner projects will be the growth rate of tablet PCs (e.g., iPad) sold in 2011, to 54.8 million units. Gartner estimates that by 2014, the number of tablets sold worldwide will reach 208 million, representing 58% of … Continue reading

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The first home computer: 1965

Built in 1965 by Westinghouse engineer James Sutherland, the ECHO IV was so big, “it looked more like the home was built to house the computer instead of the other way around.” In 1994, The IEEE Annals of the History … Continue reading

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