Zuckerberg for President?

The film The Social Network portrays Harvard’s “social apartheid,” in the words of the Guardian: “an elaborate series of crosscuts shows the gulf the nebbishy group of hackers and the rich-kid decadence of high Harvard society, with its “final clubs” and honour codes – complete, of course, with willing debutantes. This disparity – women, money, social poise – is made the insistent undercurrent of the drive to create Facebook and its desperate emphasis on “friends”. Zuckerberg is hired by a couple of rowing-team bluebloods to work on their similar-sounding website; but they won’t let him past the bike shed of their members-only dining club.”

The very same club, the Porcellian Club, snubbed Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was, according to Roosevelt, “The greatest disappointment of my life.” (quoted in H.W. Brands, Traitor to his Class).

Did the Porcellian rejection motivated Roosevelt to show Harvard who’s on top and attain the highest position in the land and motivated Zuckerbeg to create Facebook and…?

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