InfoStory Links: Metcalfe, McAfee, Davenport

Bob Metcalfe interviewed in the Wall Street Journal about what he calls the “innovation bubble.” Metcalfe: “You don’t grow the economy by growing government… There are good ways and bad ways of [stimulating innovation] and in my new fifth career [on the faculty of University of Texas at Austin] I hope to help promote innovation and get it to work better.”

Andy McAfee on WikiLeaks: “‘Information wants to be free’ has become a silly phrase; ‘All information needs to be free’ is a stupid one.”

Brook Manville posting on Tom Davenport‘s blog on organizational judgment: “If we hope for better management of large-scale endeavors, our models will have to look beyond what it takes to inform individual, or even organizational, moves . We’ll need to enable cross-boundary judgment.”

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