InfoStory Quote: Video Games, 1982

From Time cover story, January 18, 1982: “Says [Time reporter Steven] Holmes: ‘In most games and sports, you learn teamwork and how to adjust to the strengths and weaknesses of others, attributes that serve you well the rest of your life. Video games do not seem to produce any transferable skills.’ [Time reporter Peter] Ainslie disagrees: ‘While most people over 30 are somewhat intimidated by computers,’ he says, ‘the younger game players accept them as tools to be used, to be taken for granted, to be enjoyed. They are better prepared than we are for the computer revolution.’ [Time Contributor John] Skow, a cheerful skeptic, refuses to endow the phenomenon with any cosmic significance at all. His view: ‘It’s just another manifestation of human mania, our endearing quality of going relentlessly after absolutely pointless goals.'”

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