CIOs on Big Data: A New IBM Study

Earlier this week, IBM released the 2011 IBM Global Chief Information Officer Study, based on “face-to-face conversations with over 3,000 CIOs from organizations of every size, sector and region.”

“Asked where they will focus IT to help their organizations’ strategy over the next three to five years, the vast majority of CIOs identified insight and intelligence, client intimacy and people skills as their top three priorities, as did CEOs [in IBM’s 2010 CEO study]….

“CIOs are assessing multiple means to make better use of burgeoning data stores. Business intelligence and analytics is of utmost importance as CIOs’ top visionary plan to increase competitiveness over the next three to five years. Although it was on the 2009 list, cloud
computing took a giant leap. Now it has come of age, rising more than any other CIO priority. When asked how they will translate data into intelligence, CIOs named master data management, customer analytics, data warehousing and visual information dashboards. Each initiative was cited by roughly two-thirds of our sample or more.”

The virtual IBM CIO Study launch event is on May 19th, registration required.

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