Privacy (4)

“The desire for privacy is strong; vanity is stronger.”–Nick Carr, “Facebook’s business model.”

“People joke that privacy is over, but I don’t think they imagined that the disclosures would be so proactive. They [Facebook] are seeking out information to report about you. That’s different from showing people a picture that you posted yourself. If this were the government we’d be talking about the Fourth Amendment.”–Dave Winer, “Facebook is Scaring Me.”

“Social networks are amassing about a thousand times more data about us then they were a year ago. We don’t really know what it means yet, or how it will impact us. What people don’t realize is that every one of these buttons is like one of those dark video cameras. If you see them, they see you.”–Rob Shavell, co-founder, Abine

“Germans care deeply about the privacy of everything… except their private parts. That’s more than a punch line. Behind that observation lies a lesson and a question for us all: Why is the private private? And why is the public public? As we debate privacy and publicness, we would do well to re-examine out cultural conventions to see what they say about us and our assumptions regarding privacy.”–Jeff Jarvis, Public Parts


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