Online Love

“More singles met the last person they dated through an online dating site (21%) than anywhere else.  Across all age groups, seven times as many singles met their last date online, compared to being set up by a relative.”–’s second annual Singles in America study. 

“The occurrence of babies named Harmony has increased 47% since 2000”–

“People think they know who the perfect person is, but that’s not always who they really want”–Max Frind, Founder of Plenty of Fish in Inc. Magazine

UPDATE: “Even the systems that appear perfectly analytical need to be analyzed to ascertain if the claims are scientifically valid. Online dating does not make that cut, but it does at least help singles find others who are looking to enter into a relationship.”–Ariella Brown, “Dating Data Analyzed,”

Online Dating Statistics

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2 Responses to Online Love

  1. Jean Gogolin says:

    I met my second husband this way (or the then-equivalent, an ad in Boston’s Real Paper) waaay back in 1984. I’m not taking the quiz or admitting to anything else! He died of Alzheimer’s a year ago, but until that struck It was a truly happy marriage.


    • gp says:

      Jean, reading your comment I realized that true to the spirit of this blog, I should have posted a brief historical survey of media-mediated dating before the rise of the online variety. Oh well, next Valentine’s Day.


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