Computers and Health Care

“The development of our information processing industry is basically governed by longer term super-cycles… Analyses of what computational environments will facilitate can be mind-boggling. To offer just one example, health care delivery will be revolutionized by 1990, with most large metropolitan areas having implemented vertically-integrated health facilities coordinated by computer… [including] physicians’ offices, neighborhood health care centers, hospitals, university medical centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and home health care”–Gideon Gartner, 1978

“Health care lags behind other industries in adopting information technology by as much as 10–15 years… In 2020, a forecast of widespread use of computers in health care within 15 years might finally be valid”–Peter Goldschmidt, 2005

“As Medicare chief, [Dr. Donald M. Berwick] has pushed doctors and hospitals to adopt electronic health records, merge their operations and coordinate care to eliminate medical errors that kill thousands of patients each year. If his estimate is right, Medicare and Medicaid could save $150 billion to $250 billion a year by eliminating waste, which he defines as ‘activities that don’t have any value.'”–Robert Pear, “Health Official Takes Parting Shot at ‘Waste’,” The New Work Times, December 3, 2011

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