Video Games and (Artificial) Intelligence

“[Video games are] just another manifestation of human mania, our endearing quality of going relentlessly after absolutely pointless goals.”–John Skow, Time Magazine, January 18, 1982

“From AI-designed games to realistic virtual worlds and social physics, gaming is changing our world view.” In a series of articles, New Scientist (March 2012) “explores the state of this many-sided art.”

One of the articles, “AI designs its own video game” should be of interest for anyone planning to attend a video game design school: “Software that generates video-game artwork, music or even whole levels is not new, but [Artificial Intelligence system] Angelina takes it a step further by creating a simple video game almost entirely from scratch…. So should game designers be worried? ‘I like to think that Angelina won’t steal anyone’s job, I think it will actually be a really positive force for designers,’ says [Imperial College computer scientist and Angelina developer Michael] Cook, suggesting that developers could use a system like Angelina as a collaborative tool for designing games. For example, a developer who creates a new power-up for a game could ask Angelina to design a level that would teach the player how to use their new ability.”


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