Information R/evolution (Video)

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  1. Mark says:

    Exciting video. May I mention a few things it didn’t say?
    All intellectual activity is organized. Math, science are highly structured, not just misc statements in a heap.
    The very nature of info is order, the opposite of entropy. Info is not just a set of items (bits, characters, words, files), but a structure. (At the bit level, the structure IS the info.)
    If you can’t organize info on a meta level, you don’t understand it.
    Google’s service infrastructure is a structure, not misc stuff.
    Google’s indexes and algorithms make a catalog.
    That catalog puts you in a category (and then advertises to your categorized interests).
    Google is a hierarchical corporation, just like all others.
    Searching again and again is not a good substitute for knowing, which is structuring. Ants search again and again. People learn and stop searching.
    Searching has the inherent risk of missing something important. Structure tells you where to find all of a category, not just what you happen to know keywords for.
    Hyperlinks don’t appear naturally. They must be created and, more importantly, updated, forever, in a growing body of info.
    The control of misc info is uncertain. Where is it, who owns it, what is its stability? Institutions, structure, and expertise control and preserve our info and our civilization.


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