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Should I Check Email? (Infographic)


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Walter Lippmann on Information Overload

Walter Lippmann in A Preface to Morals: “The inexperienced must be offered some kind of hypothesis when they are confronted with the necessity of making choices: They cannot be so utterly open-minded that they stand inert until something collides with … Continue reading

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Our Flexible Memories: Forgetting the Useless And Remembering Other People’s Experiences

“…selective forgetting of the useless is as important as selective remembering of the useful. And much of this winnowing  takes place during sleep, as two papers in this week’s Nature Neuroscience observe… the process of sleep acts as a form … Continue reading

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Coping with Information Overload, 1964

To cope with the present information explosion we suggest the following:  1) No one should publish any new papers. 2) If 1) is not feasible only short papers should be published. “Short” means not more than 2500 characters counting “space,” … Continue reading

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Information Overload: Computers to the Rescue

Technology Review reports that Brainput, a system developed by MIT and Tufts researchers, can recognize when a person’s workload is excessive and then automatically modify a computer interface to make it easier. Technology Review cheerfully notes: “A computing system with Brainput could, … Continue reading

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On the History of Information

Ann Blair in Salon:  “The history of information has developed especially in the last 10 years. It is a subset of intellectual and cultural history, which is a subset of general history. “Information” today typically refers to all the stuff … Continue reading

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Are You Paying Attention?

Advertising Age: “A recent study found that consumers in their 20s (“digital natives”) switch media venues about 27 times per nonworking hour…  “digital immigrants” (consumers who grew up with old-school technologies, such as TV, radio and print, and adapted to newer … Continue reading

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Authority Unloaded: No Limits to Information Overload

“The forward-thinking librarian understands that Shirky’s ‘everybody’s coming’ is the future. We are now living in the chaotic world, and we do not have a choice regarding where we can position ourselves. Our choice lies in how we respond. If … Continue reading

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Too Much Information

Too much information running through my brain Too much information driving me insane –The Police  

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The Government Steps in to Reduce Information Overload

“The storekeeper and the clerk depended for their livelihood on selling the goods in your day. Of course that is all different now. The goods are the nation’s. …  

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