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From Megabyte to Zettabyte: How Big?

“If you wrote out the information contained in one megabyte by hand, the resulting line of 1s and 0s would be more than five times as tall as Mount Everest. If you wrote out one gigabyte by hand, it would … Continue reading

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Writing Systems of the World Today

Wikipedia: A writing system is an organized regular method (typically standardized) of information storage and transfer for the communication of messages (expressing thoughts or ideas) in a language by visually (or possibly tactilely) encoding and decoding (known as writing and reading) with a set of signs or symbols, both known generally as characters (with the set collective referred to as a ‘script’). These characters, often including letters and numbers, are usually recorded onto … Continue reading

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Disk Drive Manufacturers: And Then There Were Three… has assembled a list of 218 manufacturers of hard disk drives (HDD) that have entered this market since the disk drive was introduced by IBM in 1956. Today, only three remain: Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

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From the Archives: Storage Bottleneck Born

Today in 1945, John von Neumann published “A First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC.” Campbell-Kelly and Aspray call it in Computer: The History of the Information Machine “the technological basis for the worldwide computer industry.” In A History of Modern Computing, Paul … Continue reading

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The IBM 1301 Disk Storage Announced

Today in 1961, IBM announced the IBM 1301 Disk Storage Unit. The storage capacity per square inch of surface was increased 13 times over what it had been with the first disk drive, the IBM 350 Disk Storage Unit, introduced five … Continue reading

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The MiniDisc Announced

Today in 1991, Sony’s President Norio Ohga announced the MiniDisc as the new personal audio format. From Sony’s official history: “Ohga had led the establishment of the CD business, and CD technology had quickly replaced analog audio technology thanks to its … Continue reading

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50 Years of Memory Management

50 years ago today, one of the first software patent applications is filed by the British Petroleum Company. It proposes to “solve automatically a linear programming problem by means of an iterative algorithm whereby it (a) transfers data representations from the … Continue reading

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