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iPod at 10: A Computer in Your Pocket

Today in 2001, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod at a special event at Apple’s headquarters, telling the assembled reporters “This is a major, major breakthrough.” There were other music players on the market at the time but they were conceived … Continue reading

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First Classical Music Recording

Today in 1888, Edison’s foreign sales agent, Colonel George Gouraud, made a wax cylinder recording in the Crystal Palace, London, of a 3016-person choir performing Handel’s Israel in Egypt at a distance of more than one hundred yards from the … Continue reading

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Napster Released

Today in 1999, Napster released its file sharing service, letting people swap music stored on their computers.  On April 3, 2008, the iTunes Store surpassed Wal-Mart as the biggest music retailer in the US. In 2010, US recording industry revenues … Continue reading

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This Day In Information: Phonograph Patent Application

Today in 1877, Thomas Edison applied for a patent for a Phonograph that uses tin foil cylinders to write and playback music. Steven Lubar in InfoCulture: “With the invention of the phonograph, music had changed. It had become a commodity, … Continue reading

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