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The Future of the Music Industry in Numbers. Digital Tipping Point in 2014?

“Like a popular rocker who burns out, only to try to stage a comeback a decade later, the     sickly music industry will probably never regain its previous vigour. But even modest        growth is welcome news for the industry.” Source: The … Continue reading

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First Classical Music Recording

Today in 1888, Thomas Edison’s foreign sales agent, Colonel George Gouraud, made a wax cylinder recording in the Crystal Palace, London, of a 3016-person choir performing Handel’s Israel in Egypt at a distance of more than one hundred yards from … Continue reading

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Napster Released

Today in 1999, Napster released its file sharing service, letting people swap music stored on their computers. Wikipedia: “On June 1, 1999, Fanning released a preliminary beta program of Napster and soon, hundreds of college students at Northeastern were up and trading … Continue reading

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iTunes Launched

Today in 2003, Apple launched the iTunes Music Store. The store sold more than 1 million tracks in its first five days and became the biggest music vendor in the U.S. five years later.     Here are iTunes stats, … Continue reading

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Inventing New Media

Today in 1607, the first performance of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo took place in the ducal palace in Mantua, before the members of the Accademia degli Invaghiti. Silke Leopold writes in his notes to John Eliot Gardiner’s recording (Archiv) of the opera: “It appears paradoxical … Continue reading

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From Analog to Digital: Film and Music

Today in 2007, Netflix announced its billionth DVD delivery. Today, with more than 23 million streaming members globally, Netflix claims it is “the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows.” Today in 2010, Apple announced that it has sold … Continue reading

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Sound Recording Copyrights

Fifty years ago today, the Sound Recording Act of 1971 went into effect, extending federal copyright protection to sound recordings.  A sound recording is a derivative work of the preexisting musical work, and to obtain a copyright in a sound … Continue reading

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