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Milestones in the History of Technology: Week of January 18, 2016

January 19, 1983 Apple introduces Lisa, a $9,995 PC for business users. Many of its innovations such as the graphical user interface, a mouse, and document-centric computing, were taken from the Alto computer developed at Xerox PARC, introduced as the … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 1985: Typewriters, Fax Machines and Steve Jobs

Long before Levi’s Stadium’s modern-day luxury suites, exclusive wine tastings and mobile app to watch video replays, there was Stanford Stadium, a huge and forlorn crater of a place with gangling weeds poking through splintered wooden bleachers. In 1985, for … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Back at Apple as iCEO

Today in 1997, Steve Jobs announced that he would take over running Apple Computer as interim CEO, a title that invariably got abbreviated as iCEO. That was almost 12 years to the day (September 17, 1985) when he resigned from … Continue reading

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Acquisitions by Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, 1999-2014 (Infographic)

by TechCrunch. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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30 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Introduced the Macintosh

See also Rolling Stone‘s 1984 feature on the Macintosh and The New York Times January 1984 review of the Macintosh and Steve Jobs’ presentation at the Boston Computer Society, January 30, 1984 (also here, at the Computer History Museum)

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Steve Jobs on Starting Apple (1980 Video)

“We absolutely had no idea what people will do with [the PC] when we started out. The two people it was designed for were Woz and myself because we couldn’t afford to buy a computer kit on the market.” “Man … Continue reading

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Evan Williams: “The Internet makes human desire more easily attainable” (Video)

Evan Williams on┬áthe democratization of knowledge and the organizing principle of the Internet. “For the last 15 years, Evan Williams has made it easy for non-geeks to find their voice online. He cofounded Blogger in 1999, Odeo in 2004, Twitter … Continue reading

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