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iTunes Launched

Today in 2003, Apple launched the iTunes Music Store. The store sold more than 1 million tracks in its first five days and became the biggest music vendor in the U.S. five years later.     Here are iTunes stats, … Continue reading

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The Social Impact of the Internet

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IBM and The First Social Security Check

Today in 1940, Ida M. Fuller became the first person to receive an old-age monthly benefit check under the new Social Security law. Her first check, dated January 31, was for $22.54. The Social Security Act was signed into law by Franklin … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding: The Kickstarter Experience Jeanne Pi of AppsBlogger used a sample of over 45,000 Kickstarter projects (failed and funded) to create this infographic that paints a wholistic picture of the best-known crowdfunding platform.  

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The Past and Future of Moving Money

Stephanie Buck, Masahable: “…are consumers ready to wholeheartedly adopt the latest in mobile payment technology? Adults who are unbanked, for instance, may face a barrier to mobile transactions — there are currently 17 million unbanked adults in the U.S. But many … Continue reading

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The Internet Economy: 5.3% of G20 GDP by 2016

The Economist: In the G20 countries, the internet economy will grow at more than 10% annually for the next five years and by 2016 reach $4.2 trillion, or 5.3% of GDP—up from $2.3 billion and 4.1% in 2010, according to … Continue reading

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Race Against the Machine

“At least since the followers of Ned Ludd smashed mechanized looms in 1811, workers have worried about automation destroying jobs. Economists have reassured them that new jobs would be created even as old ones were eliminated. For over 200 years, … Continue reading

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ITU Established

Today in 1865, the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris by the 20 founding members, and the International Telegraph Union (ITU) was established to facilitate subsequent amendments to this initial agreement. 

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Groupon Changes Everything?

It turns out Groupon is indeed worth at least $6 billion. But Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis “don’t get it” (they think it’s because they are men and don’t understand shopping). Paul Kedrosky insists Groupon cannot scale. John Battelle gets … Continue reading

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Metcalfe’s “Law,” Information Monopolies, and Facebook

Tim Wu in the Wall Street Journal today writes about Metcalfe’s “Law” (or what he calls “our convenience”) as what guarantees that the more things change in the information economy, the more the stay the same (new big monopolies for … Continue reading

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