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Milestones in the History of Technology: Week of January 11, 2016

January 11, 1994 The Superhighway Summit is held at UCLA’s Royce Hall. It was the “first public conference bringing together all of the major industry, government and academic leaders in the field [and] also began the national dialogue about the … Continue reading

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The office of the future is coming in dribs and drabs

New kinds of electronic gadgetry for communicating between offices are buzzing on to the market every day. In theory, the so-called office of the future could enable any present-day paper-shuffler to work at home while communicating with his fellow workers … Continue reading

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World’s First Female Telephone Operator

Today in 1878, Emma Mills Nutt (1860–1915) became the world’s first female telephone operator on when she started working for the Boston Telephone Dispatch company in Boston, Massachusetts. Wikipedia: In January 1878 the Boston Telephone Dispatch company had started hiring boys as telephone … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones in 1959 (Video)

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Public Switched Telephone Network Launched

Today in 1878, the first commercial switchboard began operating in New Haven, Connecticut. It served 21 telephones on 8 lines consequently with many people on a party line. On February 17, Western Union opened the first large city exchange in San Francisco. … Continue reading

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Launching Cloud Telephony: First battery-operated switchboard installed

Today in 1894, New England Telephone and Telegraph installed the first battery-operated switchboard in Lexington, Massachusetts. With what became to be known as the “common battery” (replacing the local battery attached to the telephone), the subscriber could signal the operator simply by … Continue reading

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First Solar-Powered Phone Call

Today in 1955, the first field trial of a rural telephone system making use of transistors and the Bell Solar Battery was held in Americus, Georgia. Today, 1.5 billion people, one quarter of the world’s population, live without electricity, and … Continue reading

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Speech Transmission Over Wires Conceived

Today in 1875, during an experiment conducted by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson, a receiver reed failed to respond to the intermittent current supplied by an electric battery. Bell told Watson, who was at the other end … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures by Phone

Today in 1924, AT&T demonstrated long distance telephotography, now known as fax, with the transmission of pictures over telephone wires between Cleveland and New York. Commercial service began in a handful of cities the following year. For many decades, telephotography … Continue reading

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First Patent Application for a Rotary Dial Telephone

Today in 1923, Antoine Barnay filed the first patent application for a rotary dial telephone in France. From The Aesthetic: The old phones have an aesthetic that new phones sorely lack. They ring, for one thing, with real bells. All that … Continue reading

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