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Milestones in the History of Technology: Week of February 29, 2016

February 29, 1939 The klystron vacuum tube, the first significantly powerful source of radio waves in the microwave range, is set up at the Boston airport and a plane successfully blind-lands before a group of top military officials. The klystron, … Continue reading

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This Week In Tech History: Back To The Future

October 19, 1979                              Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston release Visicalc, the first electronic spreadsheet and the first killer app for personal computers. October 20, 2010                              The first World Statistics Day is celebrated. Here he comes big with Statistics, Troubled and … Continue reading

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The Uses of the Telegraph

  Source: Derby Railway Station

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Meteorological Observations, the Telegraph, and Metcalfe’s Law

Today in 1870, the U.S. Weather Bureau made its first meteorological observations using 24 locations that provided reports via telegraph. For the first time, weather observations from distant points could be “rapidly” collected, plotted, and analyzed at one location. It’s … Continue reading

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Debugging the Origin of the Term “Bug”

Alexander Magoun and Paul Israel write in The Institute: The use of “bug” to describe a flaw in the design or operation of a technical system dates back to Thomas Edison. He coined the phrase 140 years ago to describe … Continue reading

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Speech Transmission Over Wires Conceived

Today in 1875, during an experiment conducted by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson, a receiver reed failed to respond to the intermittent current supplied by an electric battery. Bell told Watson, who was at the other end … Continue reading

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AP Launched

Today in 1846, The New York Sun carried the first dispatches from the Mexican War, marking the birth of the Associated Press. Moses Yale Beach (1800-68), publisher of The New York Sun, established a pony express to deliver news of the Mexican … Continue reading

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