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The office of the future is coming in dribs and drabs

New kinds of electronic gadgetry for communicating between offices are buzzing on to the market every day. In theory, the so-called office of the future could enable any present-day paper-shuffler to work at home while communicating with his fellow workers … Continue reading

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The BookBook (Video)

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First (?) Mention of Computer Programs

Today in 1836, Charles Babbage wrote in his notebook: “This day I had for the first time a general but very indistinct conception of the possibility of making an engine work out algebraic developments. I mean without any reference to the value of the letters. My … Continue reading

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The Last (Old) Telephone Call

June 15, 2018 will be the day in which the last telephone call will be made using the 140-year-old circuit switching network, established in 1878. IEEE Spectrum: “…a huge number of phone calls [today] start out as Internet packets and … Continue reading

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Photography, Then and Now

 Twenty years ago we took a photograph, had it printed, and kept it safe in an album we brought out once a year. Now we snap a photo, or more likely a dozen, share them online on the spot, and … Continue reading

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Digital Tipping Point: Analog Vs. Online Movie Views/Transcations

eMarketer: This year, for the first time, US consumers will pay more for online movies than they will for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. IHS Screen Digest, a media-focused research and consulting company, projects online video views and transactions in 2012 … Continue reading

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The Sound of Digital Crushing Analog

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