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iPod at 10: A Computer in Your Pocket

Today in 2001, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod at a special event at Apple’s headquarters, telling the assembled reporters “This is a major, major breakthrough.” There were other music players on the market at the time but they were conceived … Continue reading

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From recording sounds to projecting moving pictures

Today in 1888, Thomas Edison filed a patent for the first movie projector, the “Optical Phonograph,” which projected images just 1/32-inch across.  Steven Lubar in InfoCulture: “Thomas Edison was thinking about the phonograph when he decided to invent a moving … Continue reading

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First Sound Recording

Today in 1857, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville received a patent for the Phonautograph, the first device to record sound.  He made sound recordings in order to analyze sound visually, not to play them back. But in 2008, audio historians and … Continue reading

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