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The Board of Longitude Collections Digitized

The archives of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, held in Cambridge University Library, include the complete run of the surviving papers of the Board of Longitude through the eighteenth century until its abolition in 1828. These papers throw a vivid light … Continue reading

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How Mobile is Changing Travel

Made by My Destination, locally informed, globally inspired travel guides.

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The Earth Shrunk in the 19th Century

“A critical fact in the world of 1801 was that nothing moved faster than the speed of a horse. No human being, no manufactured item, no bushel of wheat … no letter, no information, no idea, order, or instruction of … Continue reading

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Race Against the Machine Watch

Today in 1811, the first Luddite attack in which knitting frames were actually smashed occurred in the Nottinghamshire village of Arnold. Kevin Binfield, Writings of the Luddites: “The grievances consisted, first, of the sue of wide stocking frames to produce … Continue reading

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