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In 2013 the internet will become a mostly mobile medium

  Source: The Economist, Morgan Stanley

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ESA: More Americans Than Ever Play Games on Mobile Devices

Entertainment Software Association: “49% percent of all American homes have a video game console… more Americans than ever are playing video game on smartphones, tablets and handheld devices… More than 30% said they play games on their smartphones, compared to 20% … Continue reading

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New Pew Research on Mobile-Only Internet Users

Pew Internet: “17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device. Most do so for convenience, but for some their phone is their only option for online access. Some … Continue reading

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The Future of Mobile

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How Mobile is Changing Travel

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The Past and Future of Moving Money

Stephanie Buck, Masahable: “…are consumers ready to wholeheartedly adopt the latest in mobile payment technology? Adults who are unbanked, for instance, may face a barrier to mobile transactions — there are currently 17 million unbanked adults in the U.S. But many … Continue reading

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Mobile Payments: Present and Future

Pew Internet: The Future of Money in a Mobile Age “Recent Pew Internet surveys find that one in ten Americans have used their cell phone to make a charitable contribution by text message, that more than one-third of smartphone owners have … Continue reading

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